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Denike’s Aso Asiko. The 2020 Collection.

Outfit in season is what Aso Asiko means in English and Denike has sent a memo that these glamorous designs made of Adire, cotton, denim, lace and other lush fabrics are our go to picks for the year. From rustic, to warm and cool tones, this collection has something for every season.

” For our 2020 collection, our creative director drew inspiration from the revolutionary fashion of the early ’90s. Heavily influenced by the unrestrained glamour of American soap operas like Dynasty and on the cusp of a new century, young Nigerian women looked to fashion as a new frontier for self-determination. They chose individuality over uniformity, maximalism over conservatism. Their sleeves were obscene, their silhouette exaggerated to project power, their heels functional so they could party well into the morning. Children were a choice, as was marriage. What mattered that it was your choice. We distill that feeling of expectant feeling and express it to flatter a new generation at the cusp of a new decade with hard-won freedoms and a culture reclaimed and repurposed for modern needs.”

The house signature adire is rendered in cottons and linens, and paired with damask, metallic and cotton iterations of àsò-óké updated in contemporary silhouettes. As comfortable in luxury as she is in her hustle, our woman this season matches, crepes, Duchesse satin and flirty chiffons with structured denims. Of her time and yet predating it, our woman this season connects the past and the future with her Aso-Asiko.

Words: Edgothboy

Photography: Tosin Akinyemiju

Model: Okoye precious

Stylist:  Mr Uduku

Makeup: Fisolami

Hair: Tony’s beauty ace

Assistant: Thekookoorere