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Touring The Mind Of Pat Ada Eze.

Styled by Pat Ada Eze
Photographed by Tosin Akinyemiju.

We had the opportunity to tour Pat Ada Eze’s mind and we fell in love. She is a 24 year old Fashion & Style Consultant, Writer and Digital Communications Expert and currently an editor at

She started her fashion career as an editorial assistant with Genevieve magazine, before moving on as a Style Contributor at Stylevitae and Style Hub NG, as well as the Head of projects at The Style Infidel Studios in 2017.

Pat has worked on projects for Lagos Fashion Week, GTB Fashion weekend, Lagos Leather Fair, Polo avenue, Arise Fashion an many others.

Styled by Pat Ada Eze
Photographed by Ogoh Clem.

Let the tour begin!

How would you describe your style? 

Personally, I’ll say chic and Fun. But if you were talking about my work, I’ll say it’s layered with a little bit of everything.

How did you get into styling? 

I had always loved fashion, from watching models sashay down runways with their skinny bods and perfect skin, skimming through the glossy pages of both international and local magazines, to watching and rewatching re-runs of America’s next top model. I was obsessed honestly, and was ready to do anything that would get me in. My parents had other plans of course, they wouldn’t hear of it. So I pushed fashion to a backseat and  focused on school. 

In the university however, I found the greatest motivation with a cool new group of friends, just as fashion obsessed as I was. In my 3rd year, with a nudge from them, I finally got a gig as a stylist’s assistant and that was the beginning, I think.

Styled by Pat Ada Eze
Photographed by Tosin Akinyemiju

What’s your favorite style item?

Pop socks and silk gloves. I think you can create anything with these two items.

What’s the most fun part of styling? 

Bringing the looks to life. It’s really gives me a high, cliche I know, but it is what it is. Seeing your ideas come together from a moodboard to an actual real-life work of art is everything. It’s giddy and exciting to see that you did that! That wonderful, beautiful thing that everyone in the room is ooh and aahing about. It’s yours.

Is styling profitable in Nigeria? 

It can be. I’ve seen stylists that are doing really well and others who aren’t. It’s just like any sector. You have to be smart, open to its dynamics and willing to do the work.

Styled by Pat Ada Eze
Photographed by Ogoh Clem

Most challenging thing about styling? 

Personally I’ll say it’s getting my parents, relatives and in fact most of Nigeria to understand what I do. No matter how many different ways you explain it, they either classify you as a designer or a clothing retailer. Its exasperating sometimes.

Favorite look you’ve styled?

It’s not yet published. So we’ll have to wait on that one. 

Styled by Pat Ada Eze
Photographed by Rebecca Nwose

Favorite African brands? 

Christie Brown from Ghana, Maxivive, Rich Mnisi, Fruche, Kenneth Ize, Tokyo James, Nkwo, Andrea Iyamah, Loza Maleombho, Tongoro Studio and newbies; 3 & 4 fashion and Pepper Row.

Brands / photographers you look forward to working it?

Vogue, Women, Gucci, Valentino, Jacquemus and all my favorite African designers.

Styled by Pat Ada Eze
Photographed by Tosin Akinyemiju

5 favorite images of your work. 

I really can’t pick. I think I’m constantly growing with each creation. So my current favorite would probably take a backseat with the next thing I create.

See more of Pat’s amazing works on all social media platforms @Pat_ada_eze


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