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Naija Babes Escapades (EP 1): Exploring Outercourse

Want to know what is worse than an intimacy drought? Stick with me and you’ll find out. So here I am, a 29-year-old, hot-blooded female, fresh out of a 7-year relationship and having a more than difficult time getting back on the intercourse train. 

The only bright side? I recently met an insanely attractive man who has made it his life mission to ensure my full satisfaction and that is where I learned about outercourse. If you are as clueless as I was before this handsome devil exposed my somewhat-taut body to it, I got you. 

What is Outercourse?

It basically refers to sexual activities that do not include penetration. Now, while some totally exclude all types of penetration from outercourse, others tend to allow leeway for the fingers amongst other things. If that is what gets you there, I think it should be allowed but it is up to you and your partner to define that dynamic. Just in case you are still wondering what the point of outercourse is, let me keep it simple: creativity, inclusivity, and the certainty of pleasure. 

Initially, I was skeptical because most men I had been with, claimed an inability to climax without proper penetration. I mean, most ladies are probably familiar with the phrase “just the tip” so imagine my surprise when this man proved time and time again that we could be communally satisfied with other non-penetrative acts. Amazing experience for someone whose body isn’t quite ready to adjust to another human’s organ but still intends to fully reach the toe-curling, endorphin-filled, and sinfully-sensual peak intercourse brings. 

Is it Worth the Hype?

The answer is a resounding “YES”. My body constantly rises to the challenge and we get creative in ways I never thought possible.

The intimacy is madly intense; sometimes we take our sweet time in exploring every nook and cranny of each other’s bodies, other times, it is quick gratification and yes, outercourse can also be a quickie. I believe the fact that anything can trigger a release gives a heightened sense of passionate intimacy to all we do.

I am still amazed that despite all my years of carnal knowledge, my body can be wound tight and crash astoundingly into unreserved satisfaction by manual stimulation, excitingly unconventional use of toys or/and mouthy sensual talk in the middle of cunnilingus. If you thought dry humping is overrated, then you need to experience it on the level that I have, with someone who is also really into the act, mutually satisfying I tell you.

Is Outercourse Synonymous with Abstinence?

For those who might confuse outercourse with abstinence, they are not quite the same.

However, there is a gray area somewhere because certain acts are performed in both. Also, while the risk of pregnancy is pretty low with outercourse, STIs can be transmitted from the exchange of body fluids or skin contact so you still have to be careful.

My Verdict

After more research, I find it really appealing that outer-course encourages inclusivity in intimacy as it allows for people with certain disabilities still enjoy the pleasures of their bodies. In addition, there are people who just do not want penetration and really do not need to explain their reasons. If this will satisfy both partners and ensure that consent is not coerced or forced, then extra positive points for outercourse. 

I will admit that intercourse is a big deal to me seeing as I have been with just one person in the past 7 years. It takes a while to accept that the streets are tough and most people just want a quick tumble.

For me, it is quite frankly more about the deep feelings and emotions but a babe will not deny her body the pleasure it deserves just because she is yet to form that deep connection with someone else. A babe is me, I am a babe.

Will the “someone else” be this alluring and naughty man currently delivering earth-shattering climaxes in more ways than I can count? We’ll see about that. I am self-aware enough to know that situationships sometimes bring more trouble than they are worth, although, I can make a case for this particular one that leaves me deliriously in lust after every encounter.

The ride continues (every pun intended) and I will see you in the next update of my escapades. A presto!