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Blaqbonez Proves Over-sharing might be the New Magic in Music Promotion

Blaqbonez is currently the poster boy for great content creation and promotion in the music scene.

He has taught us time and time again that if you truly believe in your craft, you should take it upon yourself to make sure it gets the appreciation it deserves. 

The headline of this article is in no way meant to disregard the impact of quality content in promoting music. But we have seen quality content accompany music releases and still not get deserved recognition.

“Over-sharing” here refers to bringing one’s audience and future potential fans into more “behind the product” moments to create hype for the product before it is released.

These “behind the product” moments rarely get seen by fans. They are usually kept kind of confidential by artistes.

Back to using Blaqbonez in emphasizing this point, let us track his latest release “Back In Uni” to its’ earliest behind-the-product moment.

A while ago, UK producer, Jae 5, tweeted how much an artiste had to pay to work with him, causing quite a stir on the timeline. Blaqbonez joined in the banter leading to a friendly back and forth between him and Jae 5.

Few weeks later, “Bonez” announces a collab between Jae5 and himself along with a snippet that came with a short eye-candy video of him riding around miming the lyrics. Thanks to the buzz of the earlier interaction between Jae5 and Blaqbonez, and how good the snippet was sounding. Fans wanted to get the full song as soon as possible, and Blaqbonez wanted to give it to them as soon as he could, so he announced a date out of excitement.

He returns with another post saying his team had already set a release date and fans would have to wait longer than previously announced. 

Before the release of the official video, the moment that created the most buzz was a screenshot of Blaq’s chat with “TG Omori”, the chat that led to his directorial debut with the music video for “Back In Uni”. Blaqbonez shared a screenshot of a chat he had with buzzing director TG Omori where the director made him know his music video budget was not going to cut it because his price had gone up, to which Blaqbonez replied  “bye bye oh” with a rockstar sign.

Along with that screenshot came a shot of Bonez at the set of his directorial debut, this was a “behind the product” moment that got people talking, from unlimited bants to people genuinely anticipating what video Blaqbonez was going to create on his own. People were talking about Blaqbonez, people were talking about his new song.

In a game where artistes usually attempt to appear richer than they might actually be, it is quite rare for an artiste to share that he or she cannot afford a particular director or producer, but Blaqbonez seems to have figured something out, sharing things like this brings your audience in. The term “over-sharing” was used in this article because it is not the regular “artiste-fan” relationship we are used to, deeper connections are being established.

The shot of Blaq on set and the screenshot of the chat with TG Omori generated buzz which Blaqbonez maintained until the release of the video. This made the video perform as well as it is right now and pushed Blaqbonez’s release higher on the charts.

Using tweets and IG stories, Blaqbonez kept us in the loop throughout the editing process of the video till it was ready for release.

Sharing “behind the product” moments or facts related to the release of your music or promotional content that could get people talking and nurturing that buzz till the release of the music or promo content might be one of the best methods to get desired attention for your music.

Kola Kehinde
Kola Kehinde