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D1wav shares sensual new release ‘Less & More’

D1wav releases his new Afrobeats project with a touch of simplicity, but sensual and penetrating.
D1wav releases new music "Less & More"

Nigerian Afrobeats singer and songwriter D1wav has released his much-anticipated project “Less & More”. The project comes as a two-track compilation he describes as a detailed description of a potentially dramatic, toxic, and romantic love sequence. Born Moses Dare Edward in Lagos, the singer doubles as a music composer and director with influences from Afrobeats icons such as Wizkid and Burna Boy.

Despite taking an inevitable break from releasing music in 2019, D1wav continued to prove his musical abilities on several projects in 2020 and 2021, including ‘Kente Cloth’ and DJ Jism’s ‘Dejj vs Jism’ album. With a bid to return to consistent music-making, He has now released his first official project of the year since his last release in 2019.

The Lagos-based singer delivers his latest project with a sensual sense of composition, music direction, and delivery. In “Less & More”, D1wav exhibits improved music artistry and musical ingenuity on both songs. The lyricism, instrumentation, and general harmony demonstrated by D1wav are simplistic in their approach, but they make a strong, penetrating, honest, and direct musical statement. He shares his experience with a pseudo-lover where he reveals his longing desires to her while they groove and enjoy the melodies from his music.

Nigerian musician D1wav

As a born and breed Nigerian, D1wav introduces elements of his musical roots into his music with lyrics written in the Nigerian Pidgin English in both ‘Intentions’ and ‘Text Me’, featuring modern production nuances and techniques from music producer 1BRYM. Despite “Less & More” being an authentic Afrobeats project, the slowed-down tempo in “Intentions” sheds light on influences from other genres, such as American R ‘n’ B, Blues, and soul. On ‘Text Me’, D1wav utilizes upbeat instrumentals and catchy phrases to communicate his desires to his lover through his heartfelt lyrics.

With dazzling, sparse, and smooth keys, exciting and edgy live guitars, hybridized but groovy drum beats, “Less & More” reflects a paradigm of what the modern Afrobeats genre has come to be. “Less & More” is embedded with musical characters that make it suitable for diverse moods, scenarios, and people of different backgrounds. D1wav uses this release to reinstate his intentions to leave his mark in the global music scene while sticking to his Afrobeats roots.

Listen to “Less & More” here.

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