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Emaxee Preaches Happiness on new song ‘Jangilova’

The rising artist returns with his third single of the year titled Jangilova

Emaxee, a rising songwriter and performing act from Nigeria has continued to create a niche for himself with a brand of music that embodies African culture, storytelling and rhythmic flow.

His new single is titled “Jangilova”. It symbolises euphoria, elation, bliss, jubilation and every other form of gaiety.  ‘Jangilova’ is the native term for a swing in a playground and it is a depiction of the excitement of every child. And like a child, there is always jubilation and an unrivalled happiness when on the playground. The message of this song is happiness, that brings back the memories of childhood, and educates on the essence of a happy life. Its unique rhythm and afropop influences is sure to brighten up any listener.


Emaxee’s songs are woven in creativity, social awareness & the sweet flavour of Afropop, and this has grown with every release. This year has seen Emaxee release two singles which have been met with good reception. As he’s enjoyed streaming growth, increased social media following, all of which have been anchored by a growing fan base. His unique rhythm and Afropop influences is sure to brighten up any listener.


Spreading good vibes.