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Kibra Tesfaye’s Thrilling Multi-Genre Discography And Sensational Vocal Delivery.

The fast-rising talent from Toronto is known for her exceptionally smooth and seamless Multi-Genre sound. The cohesive composition of R&B, Afro-fusion, Jazz, and Neo-Soul paired with her emotive and passionate vocals.

Kibra Tesfaye is a singer and songwriter from Toronto, Canada. Expressing a keen interest in music from a very young age. She claims to have started singing before she could talk and, by age 3, was attending piano lessons and has been performing in talent shows since middle school. Kibra started out writing poetry and singing covers before taking on music fully. She describes music as a vehicle for conveying her personal opinion on societal issues and love.

Her Multi-Genre debut EP titled “Finally” houses tracks like Rider,” “Get it Right,” “All Mine,” “The best love,” and Ain’t Blind and 3 Little Birds.” The slow tempo, sharp acute jazz, and conscious–driven lyrics denote her solid feminine presence. In the song ‘The Best Love Ain’t Blind,”  she appreciates the love of a significant other.  She reassures him of her dedication and love as she sings. “baby, today you’ll know I’m here forever…So it’s only fair That I take you there and show you how much I care.

  “3 Little Birds” is the fourth track on the Ep. The message is about being in control and taking charge of your life, supported by the uplifting chorus. “I don’t want to live this way anymore, won’t live in fear… And if they don’t understand you. Who cares? It’s your life, not theirs.” The debut  EP  proves  Kibra’s soothing vocal talent and skills perfectly matched with her fresh soulful, yet expressive tone. It is clear that this raw talent is about to go mainstream.

Laydown” is her most recent release.  The piano rendition at the intro,  over the slow tempo and her smooth, rich, lush vocal range. This single showcases the growth and maturity since the release of her debut EP, “Finally.” This song projects the imagery of an opera house performance, and a captivated silent audience in awe of this beautiful rendition gives a standing ovation while clapping at the end of this breathtaking performance. Between the year of her debut release and 2022, it is fair to say her consistency is finally paying off. She has performed at festivals, headlined at Afro-Fest, AfroChick, and SXSW in Texas, and collaborated with Drmmr Africa’s Art Project titled “Yamen Yamen,” amongst other events. Released a follow-up Ep in 2020 made up of  about four singles, Featured on Chase Gould’s The Feeling,” Jameel3dn’s Comma,” and Ducey’s “Lonely.”

“First Pick,” her initial single release of 2022. It starts on an intense neo-soul note before being immersed in contemporary R&B with elements of soul music.  Kibra sonically communicates her immense feeling of love and affection. She isn’t bothered about her vulnerability as she sings, “ I don’t want to Jinks it, but  It feels like this is It, and I don’t care.”She captures this love message to her anonymous lover while taking on extremely high notes. Kibra is an undeniable natural singer, and her ability to balance and even out the different ranges of musical notes seamlessly and with ease deserves applause.

In 2021, she released two singles titled Live your Life” and “All that.” Live your life takes a different approach when compared to other Kibra love songs.  There is a slight deviation from the typical sequence of her discography.

It starts with an Afro-Funk sound and then takes on the Afro-Pop and R&B mix elements. Instead of her regular love-themed lyrics, the presence of these self-conscious, free-spirited lyrics  and a repeated motivational  melodic chorus, “Live your life to the fullest, live your life with resistance.” This Track stands out for its cultural relevance and reference. This is an Afro-Pop Experimentation met with excellent execution from Kibra. This music video shows this is a song of high cultural significance to the singer, as it begins with a note acknowledging the reality of many  Africans in the   Diaspora and the need to connect and honor our roots of origin.

In 2020, she released the Multi-genre follow-up EP  titled “And It was Good” and a remix featuring Wave Montega. and  a single titled “Won’t Wait.”

This Ep comprises four  songs.Rain or shine,” “how you know featuring “Zenesoul,” “I’m it,” and  “Another sun” featuring Ko-Jo Cue.” 


How you know ”employs the traditional soul music vocal arrangement of a call and response between the two vocalists. For most of the song, there is the acknowledged presence of an eidolon “sismance.” It’s more of a musical conversion in vocal unison. “Have you had someone make your day when you feel at your worst? Then a  response, “ Girl, there ain’t nothing better than that feeling. I know it all so well.” Another Sun”  conveys a message on resilience and the need to keep pushing regardless of your limitations. It starts with an intro distinctly similar to an Afro-Beat sound and flows into the self-affirmative lyrics, “Life can knock me down sometimes, but I won’t be down for too long.”

“I’m It”  remix  features Toronto-based rapper “Wave Montega.” The Multi-Genre Pop and  R&b combination mixed with Hip Hop and Soul is a rare blend but convincing enough to give a listen.  The first and Last Rap verse adds a different flavor to what is originally expected. Kibrra’s vocal and infectious chorus is perfect for this new sound experimentation.

Kibra Tesfaye is an artist to watch out for in the coming year.  She exceptionally captivates and gains rapt attention with her voice.  She has a genuine natural talent with a discography that effortlessly showcases her deep, expressive vocals and passionate lyrics. The promising new act is sure to stick around for a long while.

Looking forward to more body of works and other Multi-genre combinations from her.

Anu-oluwapo Idowu
Anu-oluwapo Idowu
Anu-oluwapo Idowu is a Creative Content Writer and Music Journalist. She has a deep interest in reviewing new releases and artists' discography. Her purpose is to redefine the ambiguity surrounding fast-rising artists with her writing.