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RADRPlus :What makes the Isomers Rock – Bantu Session Special

The Bantu Sessions is here to stay and with tonnes of amazing acts headlining this monthly jam sessions brought to you by Bantu Studios , we sure are positive that Nigerian music is witnessing a revolution . We caught up with one of the headline acts in this years series of sessions and we quizzed them on some interesting topics on the type of music they create, what fuels their music and their inspiration.

  1. Why alternative rock music?

We do “Alternative” music. We have several influences from indie to R&b not only rock! This makes our sound universal, regardless of the genre of music you like, The Isomers have something for you!

  1. How did The Isomers begin? What fueled the origin of the group? Why the Isomers? 

Because we sucked at guitar lol. We started in 2012 meeting up on the weekend to teach each other guitar tricks we each picked up over the net. Then as we got better we started writing lyrics and songs then invites for shows started coming in…. It was all very organic.

We were original called “Ignite” but we picked “The Isomers” because each member of the band has different tastes, personalities etc but our love for music brought us together and it’s what keeps us going.

  1. I particularly liked the song Home from your EP The Isomers?  What was the inspiration and process of that song and the whole?

We wrote “Home” because of our desire for a better future than the reality we saw back then. It was a really fun song to write because each band member added something..a lyric here and melody there everyone was involved!! “Home” was the song that made us realize our music really meant something.

  1. What are some of the inspirations for your music? Doing a brand of music that’s quite unusual, have there been times you struggled to get inspiration for music?

That’s one problem we don’t have, we basically write a new song every week! I think it’s because we write about what happens in our lives and something is always happening to one of us and if nothing happens, we’re like nothing happened this week let’s write about that!!!

  1. Where do they see the alternative rock music genre in the next few years in Nigeria and what role do you guys intend to play in getting there?

I think alternative music will become more mainstream over the coming years, there’s certainly a substantial market for it in Nigeria. I see us as the “First Movers” of alternative!!! We’re growing the market, creating the platforms and blazing a trail for other alternative artist’s to follow. Nigeria has some really great talent out there and am sure a few of them will look at us and say “I want to do that too!!” That’s the type of impact I see us having.

  1. At the Bantu Session what type of vibes did you think you put out?

Awesomeness x1000!! We are taking the audience through the evolution of our sound, expect laughter, tears, shock & Joy. It will be an emotional journey and one of our best performances till date. Everything is set so come and get your mind blown!!!

The next Bantu Session happens on the 25th of March  by 7pm and headlining is OVID (David Onuoha ) 

Fifo Adebakin
Fifo Adebakin

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