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You Should Meet WAJI, the Artist Making Music for You

Like many of us, I’m finding out about WAJI for the first time today and it’s safe to say my introduction to the music went very well. The two-track project dubbed “City of Stars/Dahlia” tasks itself with delivering a mix of sounds with a broad appeal, a task it executes spectacularly.

For me, “Dahlia” was the standout track. The song manages to create the space it needs to breathe and flourish; a quite transformative experience. I enjoyed how the lyrics seemed to linger after they’ve been uttered; as if floating skywards and becoming part of the atmosphere the chords and drums are creating. It seems somewhat limiting to describe “Dahlia” as just a love song but let’s say I decide to be lazy and lump it in that category, then I must also add that WAJI has mastered the art of the love song.

Dahlia is one lucky person. I look forward to hearing more from WAJI.

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Danie Rayn
Danie Rayn