Written : Daberechi Ukoha-Kalu

I met the pastor today to ask him about my plants.

The sudden yellowing of their leaves, the precise placement of holes on the Peace Lily that made them look like ghosts all disconcerted me. I supposed it was probably a new evil omen that was plaguing me, after all I almost ate in my dream and had very recently begun to notice wall geckos. These were bad omens and I suspected that something was about to happen to me or my business.

Mama Antigone had jagged lines that traced from the sides of her nose, spread into a bow and made their way to their side of her lips. They were permanent and so was her bitterness. Just from her menacingly long stares at me, I knew that she was staring at the bright and shining star over my head, looking for a way to rob me of my treasure. I needed no assurance of Mama Antigone’s seat in a coven.

It was Mama Antigone that had gone to put bad seed in my plants, in my future, in my destiny, I couldn’t have that.

That is why I met the pastor today. After narrating the strange occurrences to my pastor, he nodded and agreed that indeed, my star had gotten a little dimmer from the last time he saw me, that the devils arrow was lodged somewhere in one of the hearts of the bulbs that lit my star. I knew it, but not as detailed as Pastor. Pastor is a great man of wisdom and knowledge, God always reveals these things to him. Pastor would always see my problem and solve it for me without any ceremony. He is a good man.

Pastor is caring too.
Whenever I tell him my problems, he looks deep into my eyes, holds my hands and tells me that God loves me. Sometimes he even plays with my hands, dancing his fingers on the center of my palms, tells me that he loves me and blesses me with a tight hug afterwards. 
 I love Pastor.

Pastor is also very humble. 
 Whenever he preaches, he tells people to give according to their hand. He never demands for money, he says God’s servants are always humble and should always follow the spirit. I never forget to sow my first seed every month. 
 I really love Pastor.

Pastor is so full of the spirit.
 Whenever he is preaching, his transition from singing to prayer, to deliverance is always so seamless because the holy spirit of perfection works through him. As the spirit leads, pastor follows. One of my favourite teachings of Pastor was when he said that yes he is a man of God, that we should not think of him as perfect. That yes, although he is a man of God…but first he is a man. 
 Oh what will I do without Pastor?

That is why when Pastor gave me holy water to use to water my plants consistently for two days and on the third day come to his house to be resurrected into my new life, I knew that something good thing was about to happen.

On the third day, just as Jesus rose, it was my turn to arise and finally destroy Mama Antigone’s evil omens in my life. Hurriedly, I made my way to pastor’s house by 8am. The deliverance was to last for two hours, or as the spirit led. I entered pastor’s office and told him of my miraculous triumphs in my dreams, that I could already feel the victory and healing. Pastor put his hand on my lap and nodded, that he too had been on his mantle praying for me. It was then time to pray. Pastor began praying and I could already feel the spirit moving. He moved his hand up my thigh, as he prayed for feet as strong as hind feet. The prayer was really intense. When we prayed about the fruit of the womb, pastor held my womb, he even slid a finger into it and pointed at the demons that Mama Antigone had sent there, commanding them to come out. And they did. I felt when they came out, never had I ever felt the spirit move that way before.

He then prayed that the womb be fruitful. This was a special prayer so I lay down on the floor, the spirit was working magic to me. Pastor got on top of me and told me to hold him tight, that the spirit was going to take him fully. He laid his hands on my chest and commanded that I be given the breastplate of righteousness, as pastor tightly squeezed, I could feel them coming. He then spoke again to my womb, in tongues. After speaking, Pastor then blessed himself released himself unto me. He moved in and out, all the while still praying for the breastplate of righteousness,it was needed for the full dispensation and then I realized.

I realised that since pastor was inside me, that the spirit would soon be inside me too. And indeed I wasn’t wrong. The new resurrection had come. I felt it in every inch of me. I knew that Mama Antigone will never disturb me again, and if she did, I always had pastor to deliver me.

Nobody does deliverance like pastor.

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