In this project Out Of Eden, Bayo Jolaoso, who is popularly known as Adebayo photographer, merges storytelling with high-end editorial style photography. “Out of Eden” is a collaborative body of work with the talented fashion photographer and some exotic looking

These images are particularly interesting because, at first glance, one may assume a lot about these photographs. Make no mistake though, this is a story of betrayal. This story is one that we can relate with as many of us have

Experience the lifestyle of people in a typical Nigerian female hostel - with these images and story by Kemi Sewell. Having spent some time living with the students, she developed a bond with them that helped curate these breathtaking body

Chioma takes us on a tour to a place special and dear to her with these images - her body. Adorned with warm tones, she seeks to show just how beautiful the melanin is. She compliments the images with a

The ability to fly has been something a lot of us have imagined. Just being afloat, above everyone else - observing. It crosses one’s mind every now and then, maybe that’s why people ask for a window seat when they

People often say blood is thicker than water but what if you find that type of bond or even more in friendship. That is what Olga Russo seeks to share with this project titled - Brotherhood. Olga, from Scordia has always