The black woman, An aura of strength The African woman an aura of power. An embodiment of the heritage Fierce and fragile Radiant and revolutionary Imaginative and Impeccable Comical and creative Analytical and alluring

With thousands of beauty brands aiming to make an impact in the industry, there is definitely huge competition in the market both home and abroad. However in our pursuit of supporting top quality home grown brands, Radr has brought to

Radr has seen a massive growth in young dj's over the years, moreover this would not be possible without the hard work, drive and passion by some of the individuals mentioned and lots more in the industry. These djs are

The street style culture seeped into the African fashion world fast, fierce and focused. Although, It has always been present as we Africans are the most stylish bunch out there but the acknowledgement and labeling as “STREET STYLE” came much