Nigerian born sustainable fashion brand, Revival & Resurrection makes its debut onto the fashion scene with its Evocation Accessories collection. Processed with VSCO with m5 preset The release of the Evocation Collection - its first accessories collection - marks the start of

1. the persistent inability to believe that one's success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result ofone's own efforts or skills. This is a phrase a lot of creatives resonate with especially seeing as creative work is rather

Raining In Nigeria, as shot by Ogoh Clem, features and celebrates the new generation of African designers from Ghana, Nigeria, & Ivory Coast.We visit Lagos sustainable side and feel the breath of nature as we shoot this editorial.All the labels featured in

“Rise in Light” is a movement created by the youth to inspire and ignite the future leaders of our world.” Rising star and international supermodel Alton Mason has just released his breath-taking visuals for “Rise in Light”. Directed and co-written by

The storm of misogyny and subjugation of the African Woman can only be quelled by the radiating love, support and protection from her fellow women but most importantly from the African Man. Thus from the fruits of our collective labour

Words by Aisha Bima The film explores the relationship between a young man and a young woman as they go through the different phases of a relationship Too Much, Not Enough is a 7-minute art film by the art collective, FriendsMake. It

The Gèlè series explores the charismatic and boisterous gèlè styles of the 80’s and 90’s. Gèlè - the Yorùbá word for headtie is most popular in the south western region of Nigeria among Yorùbá people. Different gèlè styles tell different stories

Over the years, Lagos city has become more of a place where people work just to survive. We move around like lifeless beings tied to one another with no distinct destination and this is sole because, in a city like

On Wednesday 8th January 2020, personalities from across the Nigerian creative scene stepped out in style for the second edition of Eniafe Momodu's 'New World Brunch'. Bloggers, influencers, presenters, actors, models, stylists, designers, podcasters, YouTubers, comedians - no one was

Copa Lagos, 2 days of tremendous expression of the beautiful game here in Lagos, from the fans to the players. The festival lived up to its expectations. There was a great display of culture with lots of people of various