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5 Quality Handcrafted Bag Brands That Will Blow Your Mind.

Thinking of getting a new statement piece? Great, we have made an edit of 5 quality made in Africa bag brands to choose from.

  1. A.A.K.S
These colorful woven handbags by A.a.k.s are made by creative artisans and sold not just in Africa but many stores around the world.

2. Oeclat
Situated in Lagos, Nigeria. Oeclat makes stylish and functional handcrafted bags with leather, African woven fabrics , batik. ….

3. ROA Handcrafted.
Debuting a collection recently, ROA handcrafted makes luxury handbags with quality leather and exceptional accessories.

4. Muji Lagos
Popularly known for using animal skin, Muji Lagos makes wide range of exquisite colorful bags.

5. Marté Egele
You can spot a Marté Egele bag easily with its triangle flap and unique design in front. They come in maxis, clutches and even cardholders.


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