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Enter Into The Utopia With Zion Collection

Henri Uduku is a man whose artistic genius transcends the shores of the beaches in Lagos. His clothes, which are a product of peerless craftsmanship and unmatched creativity, have found homes in the necks of various people in numerous countries. The man on a mission to revolutionize the fashion industry has no plans to stop soon. He is back with arguably the dandiest collection so far this year—Henri Uduku Presents ‘ZION Collection ’22.  

The team behind Zion entered the new year with a burst of fresh energy. This is after what proved to be an incredibly enlightening year that inspired some decisions, such as temporarily halting their ready-to-wear line. However, they are back and better than ever with the release of “To Zion,” their first capsule collection fo the new year. 

 Across the globe, much of 2021 was spent waiting; for the pandemic to end, for things to return to normal, for the world to come out of stasis. However, it dawned on us collectively that the pandemic and the changes it inspired in our lives were not temporary. The world began the unpleasant task of adapting to this new reality and so did the team behind Zion Collection. It is no coincidence that one of the most genre-defining pieces of cinema from the late 90’s – early 2000’s; the Matrix trilogy was revisited. It was a vehicle to explore the ideological shifts that were happening on a micro and macro scale. 

The Zion Collection

This collection is inspired by the Utopian world that the citizens of the Matrix aspire to. Also, the messier reality into which they enter when they unplug from an idealistic world. ‘To Zion’ draws inspiration from the iconography of the series, particularly the binary ‘code’ that became synonymous with the films and its associated media. Basically using it as the bridge that connects reality to utopia. The clothes are luxurious but functional. The colorway paying homage to the iconic blue pill vs red pill and the black and grey uniforms of the trilogy’s protagonists. This distinguishes them from the denizens of the Matrix’s utopia.

‘Zion’ is a minimalist gender-neutral uniform for an increasingly busy world. It comes with the bold and vibrant pieces for the bold and bravely willing to trust their intuition and chart their own paths. It is a return to the ethos of Henri Uduku. Clothing made with you in mind.

Olamide Lapite
Olamide Lapite