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Five Favorites, Featuring TheDoyinShow.

Five favorites is a new Radr Fashion series that features interesting people and their favorite fashion items.

Can someone play Ari Lennox’s shea butter baby as we introduce our very first feature Doyin Somuyiwa popularly known as TheDoyinShow. Doyin is a fashion model and the owner of ShopRaenna, an online jewelry store. She is the perfect definition of an old soul, her style is beautifully retro-curated and it has us in awe every time.


Here are the 5 fashion items Doyin loves!

1. White Shirt Dress

“I love white shirt dresses because white is one of my favorite colors and shirt dresses are not only a classic wardrobe staple, they’re also very comfortable”

2. Earrings

“It’s amazing how a pair of gorgeous earrings can transform even the most basic looks. It’s like the icing on the cake and I love me some extra sugar. I curate a sensational collection on SHOP.RAENNA so there’s always a new piece calling my name” 

3. Dark Sunglasses.

“*You see my dark shades on like I can’t see you but you know say me fancy you* Well, I don’t necessarily fancy you lol. Dark shades are really cool and I can observe people without creeping them out.”

4. Shoes

“I have a thing for chic granny shoes. Especially if they’re block heeled and pointy. It’s actually an obsession lol”

5. Bags

“The same way I love pointy shoes is the same way I love round, boxy and bucket bags. I’m not sure why I do, I just do.”

And those are the few of her favorite things.

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