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Kadiju Releases 002 Collection For Every Beautiful Woman.

People often say, while describing the impurities in their human nature that they are a beautiful mess. Similarly, the brand Kadiju seeks and seized every opportunity to creatively give expression to ”mess” in the most beautiful ways possible. 

This is Kadiju’s story and it goes way back to when cut-offs from dolls and a seamstress table inspired its creative director, Oyindamola Aleshinloye to being influenced by bits from Ghanaians and Canadian fashion. Oyin’s idea was to make stunning clothes by combining elements like hand-grown fabrics and recycled materials.  She stuck to the script and it has always been about sustainability and minimalism for Kadiju.

Wears from the Kadiju brand exudes confidence and an unrivaled level of effervescence. This isn’t surprising, considering the fact that ”Kadiju” the brand name is a Yoruba word that translates to ”Let’s close our eyes” and enter into a state of fearlessness.

Kadiju’s 002 Collection

In her 002 collection, Kadiju aimed for an unprecedented level of perfection. The brand created a collection that harmonizes subtle sophistication with simplicity. Kadiju’s designs for the 002 collection are sui generis. It puts them ahead and apart from the repetitive patterns that have plagued wardrobes in the industry. Each one of the designs in this collection looks nothing like each other. While some like the lotus cropped top have exaggerated frills that are too enthralling to ignore, some others like the lilac silk dress with scanty spiral designs.

The hue of each clothes in this collection radiates a cosmic level of feminine poise. This is best displayed by the silver metal dress which is a lengthy multi-layered dress designed for comfort. Silver metal is a quite unusual color for dresses but Kadiju delivered like a pro. The Kadiju brand is for every woman that wants to experience class and confidence. Understanding that variety is the spice of life, they provide their clients with the luxury of choices for the 002 collection and you can not run out of options. Nothing flashy or too colorful, just classy and nice. However, quality makes having a fave an herculean task. Do you opt for the ruffle design dresses, the plain ones or the eccentric trousers? 

If you are a Nigerian woman that dares to dream and isn’t afraid to try great things you should definitely wear Kadiju.

Photography by @felixezema

Hair by : @nifemilaj

Olamide Lapite
Olamide Lapite