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Made in Nigeria: 4 Shirt Brands You Should Check Out.

Shirts are one of the very few clothing items that work for different occasions. You can wear a shirt to work, for an event, to the beach, for a date, to heaven and even hell. It’s so versatile, you have to ask yourself “Do I really need a new Shirt?”. Take a look at these Nigerian Shirt designers, and you might find an answer to your question.

1. Afur.xii
Their shirts are combined with shorts to form a co-ord set. Worn separately, this shirt can be styled for a semi-formal or casual look.

2. Popartii
This brand makes all forms of wearable art and the shirts are quite eye-catching. The White shirt shown above can be styled formally or for an event..

3. Ninieofficial
 Using different African fabrics like Adire, Ankara, Isiagu..etc. they make unique shirts that will make everyone asking where you got them.

4. TI.Nathan
These shirts are made in neutral colors with beautifully designed pockets. You’ll definitely look neat in this!

Good luck spicing your wardrobe!


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