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MetroMan lauds Bini kingdom on debut collection,’Oghogho’

Metroman Co is an artisanal lifestyle brand that handcrafts essential and timeless products for the classy African man.

For MetroMan, their debut Prive collection is titled “Oghogho” which translates to Joy in Ancient Bini – a dialect of the former Benin Empire, in present day, Edo State, Nigeria. Ipso facto, the collection is centred around, and was created with joy. To further pay tribute to the Bini kingdom, the collection pieces were given traditional Bini names like Omagbon, Iredia & Osayuwamen

Oghogho Metroman cover

A minimalist tone embodies the cut, fabric selection and colours of the collection that fully expresses a strong representation of the Homo Jubiláte (the joyful man). The unique pieces exude afro-modernity with class, which is manifested with an earthy palette of white, cream, sky blue, green and black colour-blocks, broken up with bold colour flashes of ocean green, burgundy and lime yellow. 

The collection is inspired by the ability to enjoy the richness of life and all its experiences and the editorial images accurately detail man and his relationship with nature.

See some pieces from the Oghogho Collection.

Oghogho Metroman
Oghogho Metroman
Oghogho Metroman
Oghogho Metroman
Metroman Efehi
Oghogho Metroman
See the full collection here

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