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The Wuman Composition.

A Coat of many Colors.

Ekwerike Chukwuma, founded the WUMAN brand after four years of intensive self study and training as a fashion artist, with a sub unit-Virtual textiles to create a change in the ways the textile and fashion industry are related. He says “It is supposed to evoke a difference in the way textiles and garments are perceived . My difficulty with textile sourcing over a disordered textile market inspired me to embark on this project

He draws inspiration from my daily life, relationships, thoughts around his heritage, observations, abstraction, architecture, geometry and affinities to create works that are engaging.

Art for me is the treasure of constantly discovering myself. I see fashion and art to exist in a sort of feto-maternal relationship and I draw from this to create garments that are not just visually appealing but also culturally stimulating, contemporary and furthers highlights my African heritage

The composition collection is quite artistic, expressive and displays the authenticity of Chukwuma who is also an artist and storyteller. Our favorite thing about this collection is not only the infusion of pastels and bold colors, it’s the title given to each look ( click on each image to see what they are named).

Consisting of shirts, skirts, trousers, sets, suits,dresses and Tshirts, Here’s the COMPOSITION 19/20 collection.
Semi Portrait Of A lonely Child

Model-@olohijolly @rocksmanagement
Beauty direction-@j0rdanna
Styling assistant-@ugoseyes
Footwear crafted in collaboration-@malikostudios


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