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Timeless Collectibles From Estella Lagos.

Estella.Lagos, is a high-end statement jewellery brand dedicated to bringing statement pieces to women with all kinds of style. 

From tips and themed curated pieces, the brand inspires women to make stylish statements with a piece of jewellery. 

Since it’s launch in February, #EstellaWomen are emboldened to show their style through tasteful jewellery. 

This Summer, the goal is for women around the world to make a bold & glam statement in line with their aptly themed hashtag #EstellaSummer.

These statement pieces may be from the summer of 2019 but they are timeless collectibles, From redefined staple gold hoops to seashell inspired necklaces from Thailand, glam’ing it on vacation or at work, there’s something to take the summer spirit everywhere!

Words – Cynthia Lawrence

Photography – Tosin.akinyemiju  

Art Direction: @global_addict & @estella.lagos

Model- @global_addict


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