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Here Are Some African LGBTQ Films You Should See

Being queer in Africa is a struggle. The LGBTQ community is often at the receiving end of backlash even from loved ones in some peculiar cases. The community has always been excluded, a systematic effort to mute and society pretend like they don’t exist.
Until recently, LGBTQ presence in African pop culture was pretty much nonexistent. From film to music, dance and other art forms, the queer community was underrepresented and sometimes, not represented at all.
The presence of queer community in pop culture in Africa is now more pronounced. More people are opening up. They are also getting representations in movies and documentaries.
The Twitter account @queerafricans curated a list of some of the African LGBTQ films.
See below:

Braids on a Bald Head (Nigeria)

Tchindas (Cape Verde)

The String (Tunisia)

Inxeba/The Wound (South Africa)

Karmen Geï (Senegal)

Stories of our Lives (Kenya)

All My Life (Egypt)


Coming Out of Nkuta (Cameroon)


Woubi Chéri (Côte d’Ivoire)


Recently Queer (Ghana)


Rafiki (Kenya)


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