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#ENDSARS- THE PROTESTS- 5 Photographers Documenting History

15th October, 2020.

SARS, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Nigerian Police Force has been the subject of peaceful protests around the state of Nigeria. For over a week now, the youth of Nigeria have sprung up in droves protesting for the preservation of their human rights with the hashtag #ENDSARS.

Frustrated by the relentless exthortion, illegal arrests, rape and murder of innocent citizens, mostly young people. 

The youth organised themselves and have been marching in peaceful protest for almost a week. They demand that the rogue unit be dissolved and disbanded and the guilty officers charged.

Documenting the relentless and tenacious nature of the peaceful protesters, are Nigerian photographers. This  talented crop of people go to protests and while fighting for their rights, they capture powerful moments of unity, passion, emotion and power.

Here are FIVE photographers documenting protests around the nation of Nigeria.

  1. Nkay Okwudiri

This photographer came out to the protest march at Abuja and took these amazing photos after her group was tear gassed by the Nigerian Police. See more of her work on twitter @nkay_yo

@nkay_yo: protester throws tear gas canister back
@nkay_yo: protester at Abuja peaceful protests after attack by the Nigerian Police For e
  1. Tobi James

Tobi James is a talented photographer who marched at the Lekki protests and took this shot of the people reclaiming their power. Follow him on twitter @jamescandids

@jamescandids: lekki protests
@james andids: peaceful protests, Lagos
  1. Tatchero

This photographer based in Port-Harcourt came out to protest and took this impassioned shot of a protester who has lost a sibling to the menace of the rogue SARS unit. Follow him on twitter or instagram @tatchero

@tatchero: photo of a peaceful protester who has lost a sibling to SARS
@tatchero: Peaceful protester at Port Harcourt
  1. Victor Abiola

Victor Abiola, based in Ibadan captured moments from the peaceful protest on wednesday. See more of his photos on twitter and instagram @purisima_pixels

@purisima_pixels: Ibadan peaceful protests
@purisima_pixels: Ibadan peaceful protesters
  1. Anny Robert

Professional portrait photographer Anny Robert also came out to protest at Lekki and took these photos. Keep up with him on twitter @Iamannyrobert

@iamannyrobert: peaceful protester @ Lagos
@iamannyrobert: Lekki protests

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson