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Iguocho’s music is a very fine expression of the ability of music to transcend different times and eras and connect countries. The renowned musical genius from Cameroon has established her unique artistry for some years now. She presents her audience with a smooth blend of emotive afro vibes and nostalgic R&B.

Iguocho relaunches her soothing melodic sounds in her new single; I43.

While love is a beautiful thing, it often results in unnecessary complications and severs relationships. Iguocho her new single ‘143’ sees her soulful achings as she professes her love to her muse. “143” is a sonic number with a lush, woozy bed of far-flung sounds enabling Iguocho’s falsetto to run wild. The soulful track’s earworm production provides an enjoyable listening experience. 

The single is an ode to all lovers reassuring their partners of their love towards them as Iguocho sings “seasons change, people change but my love remains the same”. She wishes that it should be easier than it is and more enjoyable. Iguocho sings about how she has been trying and doing more to avoid a 143. The song speaks to the modern romantic relationship and how things can be made better with communication.

Everyone should give the song a listen here: :

Olamide Lapite
Olamide Lapite