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The fourth episode of #MORETHANINKANDLOCS features Ade Balogun. Ade Balogun is a loctician, an architect and a business woman.

10 years ago while practicing as an architect, Ade decided to lock her hair mostly due to the convenience of not having to worry about making her hair. For Ade, people see her dreads as beautiful and want to have hair like hers, so she has dedicated herself to making this a reality through her loc salon ”Locitude Studio.”

Addressing how Nigerians have created a false standard for beauty she says; “The impression we should try to correct should be, “why are African women obsessed with wearing other people’s hair? Why are we the only race on this planet that feel the need to put someone else’s hair on our head to feel beautiful”.

Ade is an absolutely fantastic person and you have to look beyond her dreadlocks to see her for who she is.

Ade is #MORETHANINKANDLOCS and this video shows why.

Spreading good vibes.

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