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The second episode of #MORETHANINKANDLOCS features Amanda Iheme. Amanda is a psychotherapist at Ndidi Health and an architectural photographer.

Stepping into the studio, Amanda radiated an air of confidence and calmness. Talking with her, she shared that even though people love her hair she still gets questions like, “is this actually growing from your head?”. To this, her most common reaction is to pull out her loc and say “yeah that’s my hair, it’s attached to the root of my head!”

About her tattoos, Amanda says; “tattoos are not bad, tattoos are not evil, tattoos are not you trying to scar your skin, tattoos will not prevent you from going either going to heaven or hell because what matters is what’s in your heart.”

Reacting to the stance of the Nigerian Police and the society’s approach towards people who have locs and tattoos, she says, “Buhari does not have tattoos and dreads. Atiku does not have tattoos and dreads. All the politicians, even the people who have organized coups in the past years do not have tattoos and dreads but they are still dickheads anyways”.

Amanda is # MORETHANINKANDLOCS, and this video tells us why.  

Fifo Adebakin
Fifo Adebakin

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