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Jumoke Tychus is on the fifth episode of #MORETHANINKANDLOCS . Jumoke is the brain behind makeup brand Eyesome Beauty. She speaks on the reason she decided to lock her hair and reactions of Nigerians to her locs.

Jumoke’s decision to lock her hair was due to the bad effects of hair relaxers on her hair while growing up. Jumoke notes that having locs is much simpler in terms of lifestyle, and if “you want to change your lifestyle from complicated to simple,” you should consider locking your hair.

From been slapped in a bus because of her hair, this is what she has to say about the negative reactions of the Nigerian society to dreadlocks “Everybody keeps saying locs is not our culture. What exactly is our culture? We have been adopting different cultures. If we leave our hair to grow, it turns into locs and there is nothing dreadful about it.

Jumoke is #MORETHANINKANDLOCS and this video shows why.

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