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Radr Essential Vol.64; Teni, Burna boy, and others

The Radr team is back with a list of amazing songs for your enh=joyment this week.

One day – Teni

We kickoff the essential with a medley from the musical maestro Teni. This is a track off the African lullabies project and it contributes largely to the beauty and perfection of the entire compilation. Teni sings soothingly to a child about hope and optimism. The melodies of the song are accompanied by a heavy nostalgic feeling. The message is also as clear as settle water. Teni wants the African child to know that one day when the time is right, he will fly.

Who are you – Brum3h ft Feranmi Okafor

The song reflects the emotions of a stubborn lover. Brum3h’s lover in this track has let go of her end of the rope but he is still holding on to his. His lyrics entailed carefully selected words that shaped into questions that can’t be answered. Brum3h wants a second chance where there’s known. He is startled by his lover’s audacity to leave and her unwillingness to fight for them. A listen or two will inevitably leave some lump behind the listener’s throat because this is a sad love story. Brum3h’s raspy and sonorous voices make the entire music experience better.

Last Last – Burna Boy

The African giant lifts the veil in this song and shows his listeners the man behind the hard guy. He makes public the fact that he has received his national cake and ate breakfast. This is a sad but particularly interesting song. Burna boy flipped a Toni Braxton song to express his emotions and he did it beautifully. Despite his vulnerability in this song, Burna doesn’t wish to stay down for long as he desires to mask it with weed and alcohol. The song is gradually taking over airways in the country. He directed the video for the song and you can watch it below:

Rice & Peas – Gabzy

This song was opened with soft strings of guitar before launching into a mid-tempo groove. Gabzy cooked up this feel-good thing and he ate it up like it was rice and peas. The song is a bop. You can play it during hangouts and people will catch the vibe.

Try – Obongjayar

This track is a keyhole through which one can peep into the brilliant world of Obongjayar. It sounds like a track Jon Bellion and Bon Iver would be super proud of. It’s a confluence of western indie sound and a likkle bit of afro-vibes. The musical composition and melodies are so good that the listeners might be distracted from the substance wrapped in Obongjayar’s lyrics. In this song, Obongjayar makes peace with the inevitable uncertainty that accompanies our lives. Yet, he wants to try and he charges the listeners to do the same. Slaps hard like the first bite into garri Ijebu toti kan. Absolute genius. I want more from where it came from.

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Olamide Lapite
Olamide Lapite