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Ayobami Ogungbe captures the energy at The Cavemen ‘s Album launch

The Cavemen have released their debut album ROOTS that is made of beautifully crafted sounds from the cave highlighting the past, the present, and future of Highlife music. Photographer Ayobami Ogungbe decided to capture the photographs from the album listening party and share some of the moments from the experience.

I was invited by the music band “ The Cavemen ” to attend their album launch party so I decided to go with a camera. I had reached out to make studio portraits of them earlier before the album was released and so that led to my being invited to the launch party. I arrived at the venue (CCX Lagos) quite early to get preparation and sound check photographs. All I had in mind was to actually photograph it like a movie so I got rid of my flash. The crowd albeit small (about 35-40 people) and controlled due to the coronavirus was a very active one. The event started with a performance by the DJ and when that was over, The Cavemen started with performing slow songs like “Me, You, I, Osondu and then took a break to talk about their life and music journey and to also answer questions from the crowd. The band On getting back on stage performed upbeat songs like Bolo Bolo, Anita which really brought the crowd to their feet and closer to the base of the stage. It was a very personal experience for everyone. It was as though The band performed for everyone individually. I may have at some point stopped photographing and danced too. Witnessing and photographing the event was a beautiful experience for me. I hope to document more of this amazing band in the future. 

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Fifo Adebakin
Fifo Adebakin