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“Valentine’s Red or just the usual blues?”

Valentine’s Day was originally a day to celebrate religious martyrs. However, stepping out in Lagos today means being hit with ridiculous, cheesy & yet pleasant views of lovers celebrating each other. 

Are we hating because we are single? You are absolutely correct. 

If you are single, especially in Lagos, you cannot escape the FOMO (fear of missing out) you’ll feel today, except you attended Blaqbonez’ crusade yesterday and have been delivered from the spirit of love. Although Cupid might still have his arrow set on you so while he’s waiting to find you the perfect partner, here are 4 things you can do to spark joy today. 

Celebrate Yourself

Have you seen how we are surviving in this world? If you woke up today, you are doing amazing. So take yourself out to eat or order in, positively affirm yourself, splurge on something you’ve wanted for a while. Anything you do, just make yourself feel loved. You deserve it. 

Hangout With Your Fellow Singles

Call up your friends and go somewhere nice. Swap breakfast stories, chill and spend time with the people you love. 

Be A Third Wheel

There are too many single people in this town. Even if most of you are lying to yourselves, that’s not our business. Follow your coupled-up friends and be their photographer. At least you’ll get a free meal out of it then go back home to say “God When?” 50 times. 

Ignore The Day

For the grumpy ones here, you can simply carry on like nothing special is happening today. It’s not a big deal, just another regular Monday. The advantage of this is, by the time lovers are coming down from today’s high, it’ll hit them that there’s still work tomorrow while you have already settled in well into the week. You see?

Being single on Valentine’s Day is not a crime, you should listen to Johnny Drille’s V-Day song (it’s hilarious). While you’re overdosing on all the social media displays today, remember that it isn’t real life and things aren’t always what they seem. 

At least, nobody is helping you spend your money or giving you a headache. Relax, go about your day, we go again next year. 


Photographer- Iyesogie (@byiyesogie)

Model- Wumi ‘Tuase (@wumituase)

Makeup- Flawless Touch By Mia (@flawlesstouchbymia)

Studio- The Lex Ash Studio

Wumi Tuase
Wumi Tuase