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Adaba by Phemié Flash

The ability to fly has been something a lot of us have imagined. Just being afloat, above everyone else – observing. It crosses one’s mind every now and then, maybe that’s why people ask for a window seat when they travel by air – just to gaze at a bit of the world. 

Phemié flash seeks to share a bit of this feeling with this body of work titled “Adaba”. Adaba is the Yoruba name for pigeons. It is believed that these birds come with a certain kind of peace especially when they rest on your rooftops. 

All shot in black and white, the colours represents the colours of the pigeons he’s particularly interested in. The images are done so beautifully, you feel the freedom a bird feels while afloat. This is the kind of freedom we desire when we imagine ourselves flying. 

Favour Ogundimu
Favour Ogundimu

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