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Azeezat Oyawoye captures images portraying ‘Redemption’

Azeezat Oyawoye is a model & illustrator, and this series is a visual representation of redemption. Redemption is customary in every religion. We live in a world where organized religion is the superseding authority, and redemption is considered an avenue for the sinner to remain worthy enough to access the ethereal garden (heaven). 

re·demp·tion /rəˈdem(p)SH(ə)n/: the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil.

It details the process of forgiveness from the beginning, with praying hands and closed eyes, to the end, where she is surrounded by the ethereal garden, symbolizing heaven. Through the images you are taken through the steps to redemption. 

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Model & Make-up: Azeezat Oyawoye (@_azeezah_)

Photographer: Cassandra Nelly (@s.o_img)

Creative direction:  @_azeezah_ & @s.o_img

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