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People often say blood is thicker than water but what if you find that type of bond or even more in friendship. That is what Olga Russo seeks to share with this project titled – Brotherhood.

Olga, from Scordia has always observed how young men & women from several African countries came to the town in search of greener pastures – in the words of Olga “a brighter future”. With time, Olga took interest in two young men, Suso and Musa. Both originally from The Gambia, they met in Scordia reception centre and have since lived in  Sicily for two years.

According to Olga, their friendship is based first and foremost on trust and mutual respect. Because of their awareness of their reality – being separated, every moment spent together is deeply appreciated. Olga further tells us how its a story about sincere friendship, hope for better tomorrow & love for life

All shot in black and white, these images are not about her subjects but the lesson she seeks to share through them. At first glance, you may initially assume they’re siblings, maybe even twins. They share a bond so infectious, you begin to crave for it. Blood clearly is thicker than water but love – genuine, undiluted, requited love, remains unmatched. 

Favour Ogundimu
Favour Ogundimu

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