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My Black is Beautiful – Chioma Akamelu

Chioma takes us on a tour to a place special and dear to her with these images – her body. Adorned with warm tones, she seeks to show just how beautiful the melanin is. She compliments the images with a poem that affirms this.

“From the colour of my skin to the texture of my hair to the length of my strands to the breadth of my smile.

To the stride of my gait, To the span of my arms, To the depth of my bosom, To the curve of my hips, To the glow of my skin…My black is beautiful.  

It cannot be defined, It cannot be contained, and only I will define it. From when I look in my mirror, My soul cries out. My black is beautiful…”

Favour Ogundimu
Favour Ogundimu

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