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Old Rose – Emmanuel Anté

These images are particularly interesting because, at first glance, one may assume a lot about these photographs. Make no mistake though, this is a story of betrayal. This story is one that we can relate with as many of us have experienced heartbreak at some point.

According to Emmanuel, the images tell the story of the imbalance that often occurs in relationships. Here, the lady is made to seem at rest as she is confident in her romantic relationship with her man.

But, unknown to her, he occasionally seeks comfort in another woman (this is represented with the mannequin lurking in the background). In time, she finds out and soon her once-perfect relationship falls apart (the red ball represents the relationship). 

The images were made to look nostalgic as though to say that this is something that has and will always be. 

Favour Ogundimu
Favour Ogundimu

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