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“Patronne” – A Sesay David & Rademene collab project

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and money makes the world go round but power is the only currency the “patronné” understands.

She’s ready to take on the world through her impeccable style, skin color and profound personality. She knows exactly who she is and commands respect when she walks into a room.

The patronné knows her worth and goes above and beyond to prove that success is not defined by sex or skin color and she can be sexy in any piece of clothing. She is fully aware of her sexuality and in control of her sexuality. She’s feminine yet fierce in her doings.

The patronné is determined to change the narrative of women in the workplace and prove against all that she is truly limitless.

The patronné is a queen, a king, a chief, director or multinational companies, mother, business tycoon, sister, friend, boss and whoever she wants to be regardless of her age.

Stylist: Retaune Jerry-Riman
Makeup: Retaune Jerry Riman
Hair: Retaune Jerry-Riman (@rademene__)
Photography: Sesay David (@sesay__)
Dress: Thenalegirl (@thenalegirl)
Art Direction: @Sesay__ x @Rademene___

Fifo Adebakin
Fifo Adebakin

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