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Photo Series: “’16” Is Rose Frequency’s Attempt At Telling A Diverse Story With Photography

Rose Frequency is an analog photographer & filmmaker. Her recent photography project is titled ’16. 

Rose was born and bred in Nigeria; leaving to St. Louis at the age of 18. 

Rose’s ’16 project is influenced by the expanded awareness she has developed being able to shuttle between two countries and witness different cultures and realities; she has decided to tell this story of diversity. In her own words:’16:

“From my perspective, is the visual representation of scenes in the words I would use to describe the inner beauty in specific parts of Nigeria that I’ve lived & been to someone who asks. This is the air, the earth, the people, the freedom, the energy that I’m familiar with. There’s nothing like home and it is my depicted nostalgia of home, yet it frames the cultural continuity of both sides despite geographical location.

The everyday hustle to the beauty in the grime, the abundance of nature, my childhood home, the underdogs, architectural digest and emotive displays from the muse you choose to define in the photograph.

It also opens conversations pertaining to social constructs, deep beliefs & systematic reactions of both parties…still, growth is inevitable.”

Every photo was shot on 35mm film

Fifo Adebakin
Fifo Adebakin

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