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Remi Haastrup shoots odd paper dress made by Jars Crafts

Creativity is a tool. Creativity is a means of expression. In ObaRose x Remi words, “Creativity they say has no form; so create your style.”

Photographer, Remi Haastrup, employs unusual but distinct elements to create images that show the beauty in abstract ideas on this shoot for Jars Crafts – an origami, paper flower & crafts brand. 

This collab project defines the true meaning of creativity, the use of imagination, thinking outside the box, bringing an original idea at heart into reality.

The shots show a strong sense of boldness, freedom and confidence. Boldness represented with the choice of vibrant colours for the eyeshadow and lipstick. Freedom of expression elegantly shown in the use of paper craft for the dress and holding it down using a rope around the dress and hair. Confidence reflected in her poised stance staring into the camera.

The splash of yellow on the model’s eyelids instantly draws your attention. She looks fierce, but restful as she’s adorned in a brown paper outfit. Her physique is well defined, from the rope worn as a belt, to her arms, and hair that draws even more attention to her. Remi Haastrup uses good lighting to ensure the model’s skin glows, while pushing out each unique detail, and the colors used are balanced, partly dependent on each other.

Fashion and photography are inseparable and over time, it has taken many forms, fulfilled motives and has been interpreted in a variety of ways and Jars Crafts wish to style people how they want, using paper obviously. 

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Words by David Awe


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