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Sunday School’s “The Hair Appointment” Places Focus On Hair Braiding

Josef Adamu’s projects are always brilliant and most times, they have their own intrinsic values. His latest project is the “The Hair Appointment”, a project that focuses on one of the most common activities of people of colour.

From school children to adults, the project captures the natural hair to effect.

Adamu wrote on how this project came about. Read it below:

“Inspiration is literally everywhere and anywhere, and over the last few months the idea of a hair braiding project has been frequently on our minds. Growing up in an environment that housed many barbershops and hair salons, it was always interesting to see the various approaches people took to stand out with their new look. Though, braiding always stood out as the most interesting element of hairstyling, specifically because the aesthetic can be altered in numerous ways. The hair accessories, the outfits, the energy that associates with the idea of a new hairstyle shows how influential it can really be. For these reasons, we took matters into our own hands and gathered a team based both in Toronto and New York City to execute this beautiful idea.

It was the end of June when we decided to create a deck, assemble our team, and start to put things in motion. As frequent visitors to New York, we knew it would not be a problem to produce a project with help from a few close friends and fellow creators. We decided to get in touch with Helena Koudou of Slayed in Braids, a super talented hair stylist based in Brooklyn. As a team, we started to put things together from storytelling, talent, locations, make up, wardrobe styling, catering, etc. By July, we prepared our mood board with extreme detail, ensuring that the vision was clear to all. We were all so excited, and the fact that young kids were including as talent made everyone that much more happy.

Our goal with “The Hair Appointment” amongst other creative projects powered by Sunday School was to celebrate through content that speaks volumes. With a heavy focus on POC-driven storytelling, we strive to push the envelope, and provide a foundation for everyone to feel inspired.”

Check out the project below:

Fifo Adebakin
Fifo Adebakin

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