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The Photobooth; a box for expressions

Standing in an empty box is often synonymous with being in a closed stuffed space, somewhere you want to escape or get out from. But it could be a vacuum where your thoughts become louder or a place you may find serene. A photo booth is practically that box with a camera. A small kiosk or section with a digital or film camera. 

The beautiful thing about photo booths is that you can only be yourself alone or with people. The freedom of expression knowing you can only be captured as you are is what this project experiments with.

Here, it’s just the subject (imagine you) and the camera, what do you do? How do you picture yourself? Would you smile, make goofy faces, or just be? If the camera could capture it, what aura would it pick? 

And if there’s someone behind the camera, would anything change? 

You must have seen it at events or even participated in this fun yet wholesome activity of taking pictures at a booth. The photographer, Osiris, alongside three different models, sought to simplify and explore this concept. 

Using props and experimental looks, each model depicted something different, their own unique style; Eloho signifies the young and vibrant, a new face that portrays innocence and value. Allah and Semiloore, both give off a youthful nature and exuberance that fills the room. 

All images were taken by the photographer: @ocyrees and styled by @iam_emmaapatrick
Wardrobe is by @maxivive and the models are @shay @badboyallah @ovraiti @jabari models
Make-up is by@razabells_home and the hairstylists are @classicfrosh

Omotola Saba
Omotola Saba