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Aabiola’s Career Takes Off With Debut Project, ZAYÉ

Aabiola encourages you to press play on his debut EP, titled ZAYÉ.

Born Abiola Adetunji, Aabiola lived in Abuja before moving back to Lagos and has spent the last few years laying low and perfecting his craft. As an afro-fusion artist, Aabiola aims to melodiously weave his way through exciting beats. ZAYÉ promises a blend of sounds, experiences, and emotions rooted in something real.

This is Aabiola’s first solo project. He had previously appeared on Obalende to Lekki which is a project by his friends — producer Kuraye and artist Chukiextra. In a bid to build a brand for himself, and express the full range of his musical prowess, ZAYÉ was born, and for Aabiola, this is the start of a long journey to self-actualization. 

The 6-track EP features executive production from his best friend and longtime collaborator, Lord Ice. ZAYÉ is the result of Lagos’ influence on Aabiola — manifesting itself through a fusion of Pop, House, R&B, and Reggaeton wrapped up in the cloth of Afrobeats.

I can go on anything,” he says, “the vibe just has to be right”.

As for the project title, Aabiola sheds more light on the meaning of ZAYÉ. “It means a young, successful man. I’m not yet where I want to be, but I know if I keep working, I’ll get there. It is a way of speaking good about myself before success comes.

The project’s outlook sheds more light on the different sides of Aabiola. He moves between different phases of vulnerability and bravado, representing the highs and lows of his life in the different moods each song brings. Within the project’s 16 minutes, there is something for everyone as he touches feelings we can all relate to.

Aabiola aims to release more music in the new year, with new releases already in the pipeline for 2023. Until then, ZAYÉ is a worthy welcome package and it is available for streaming on all platforms.

Click here to stream ZAYÉ

Chioma Mmeje
Chioma Mmeje