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Actress, Beulah Obioma Debuts Exciting Single

Actress and singer, Beulah Obioma, releases her debut song ‘What You Want’ in collaboration with producer Toye Aru.

Beulah Obioma’s raspy voice is seductively smooth and sings to a sensual jazzy tune. She Showed off her vocal skills on this track, weaving effortlessly between high and low register notes.

Toye Aru’s minimal production enhances the intimate feel of the record. He brings his expertise from working with names like Illbliss and DJ Yin to the creation of the beat that forms the cradle of this song. The instrumentation features a groovy bassline from Knote of The Cavemen band and subtle strings by renowned guitarist Jazz Priest. 

Beulah Obioma

The song feeds into our deepest human desire – to be loved just as we are; no judgments, only acceptance. That’s one of the main messages that I convey in the song”, says Beulah.

The chorus line, ‘You know I’m bad for you’ is a relatable anthem listeners may have experienced in love. This song tells a tale of a love so intense and so good that it starts being bad for you but it’s worth the risk because of the pleasure it brings. Combined with the slow strains and tambourine sounds in the background of the track, the listeners can really hear how much she craves sharing this love with her love interest. This single is bound to please listeners to no end with its catchy tune which is balanced with meaningful lyrics and amazing vocals that will have the listeners hooked.

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson