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American-Nigerian Rapper and Singer, Shalom Dubas Steps Back Into the Frame With Her New Single “Gold”

Born in Washington State and raised across the United States and Lagos, Nigeria, Shalom Dubas is a self-described “hybrid” of both places.

Following a key personal journey from one home to the other, and the release of “Don’t Leave” earlier this year, “Gold.” is the second single off her upcoming Debut EP.
After living primarily in the States for 12 years, Shalom Dubas takes us through the life-altering journey to Lagos,
Nigeria that’s led her to a deeper understanding of Self.

Since being in Lagos, Shalom has experienced transformation in multiple ways. Musically, she’s performed at Homecoming Festival twice, gotten sound looks from industry heavyweights like Wale Davies, Grace Ladoja, and Tunji Balogun, surpassed 6 million streams on Spotify, and signed her first Distribution Deal.

Along this period, she stays reflective and decides to use her updated awareness to shine light on some common themes in her life and in her closest relationships. Shalom Dubas walks us through her realization that success in relationships comes about through honesty, inward focus, improving ones-self through the process, and becoming better for everyone that comes close.

It’s these themes that Shalom Dubas is exploring in her new release, Gold. Gold is a fresh, nostalgic, new-era rap track, that’s laced with crazy collected flows and pays homage to the 90s Hip-Hop renaissance that influenced Shalom Dubas’ early years.

On the production, Shalom and co-producer Toyin Ores set an intricate boom-bap foundation for Shalom to riddle with meticulous flows, masterfully underpinned by a
chorus that exudes a soulful charm reminiscent of the 90’s Neo-Soul era.

Produced in Lagos, Nigeria sometime near the Harmattan season, Gold. paints a story of how our closest relationships are always like gold to us no matter how they might rust or change with time.

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