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Begho is Back on our Radr with New Project “Before the Run”

Begho popped up on our radr last month with his feature on Tochi Bedford’s “Busy” off his “Eternal Mob” album. Now he’s back on it with a three-track project titled “Before the Run” released today.

The project began coming together in December of last year starting with “Cadillac”. “Love Me More” and “Low Fashion” subsequently fell into place. “The original plan wasn’t even this. It was some other project that is yet to come and like I said I started with Cadillac and the other songs fell into place and I was like damn this would be nice to put out for now,” a perfect exemplification of what releasing music as an independent artist is like.

Before the Run cover
Before the Run cover

Before the Run is me simply teasing everyone,” which offers something of an explanation for the project’s criminally short playtime. Coming in at a grand total of all of five minutes and twenty-eight seconds. “This is my first official drop this year and a lot of people have been waiting for new music since and trust me, more to come. I simply didn’t want to give it all away just yet.” That’s understandable, except for the part where he tells me: “I had to go all out in the most minimalistic way. That’s why it’s so short but still hits.”

The vibe on the first track “Cadillac” is notably different from that of the other two songs(which share similar themes); something I pointed out to which he responded “Nah that was a real flex song…I had to flex on it.” Which is a sentiment that has influenced Begho’s music since his earliest projects such as 2018’s “Dark Road to Wonderland” which also opened with a flex track. “It was basically talking about how far I’ve come and where I want to be.”

Before the Run tracklist
Before the Run tracklist

In between projects, Begho has also been busy busy on the production side of music sharing snippets of beats of social media. He handled production on two songs on “Before the Run”.

On handling the production of “Love Me More” he said: “[It was] not as challenging as it looks, to be honest, my artist friend had just dropped his tape and he had this RnB song that was stuck in my head for days so I had a couple hours free back in school and I sat down and made the beat, and I initially wanted to send it to someone but then I was like “yo I could verse this” and then I did and honestly the whole process of making the beat, writing it, recording and a light mix took me 30 minutes at least.”

Although “Before the Run” is minimalistic in its presentation, the goal remains to express Begho’s flexibility in different genres while still able to main heavy emotions, putting the artist in a position where he wouldn’t feel boxed. Things he’s managed to accomplish beyond a doubt.

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