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Begho’s “Soundtrack To My Life” – Loudr’s Guide to Begho

As part of our series of “Loudr Guides”, we spoke to the Abuja-based artist Begho. He listed out songs he termed the “soundtrack to my life” citing the “message, content, vibes and how aesthetically pleasing they are” as the reason these particular songs made the list.

1. Far Lost Dream – Montell Fish & Ending Heartfelt

“I picked this song because Montell is basically talking about his love and appreciation for God and how he has made “far lost dreams” a reality. It is one of the few gospel songs I love. Also “Jesus is King” because Kanye West is the GOAT.”

2. Sunday – Earl Sweatshirt ft Frank Ocean 

“I basically love the lyrical content of this song. From Earl Sweatshirt’s beautiful rhyme scheme and Frank Ocean subbing Chris Brown. And who doesn’t love a Frank Ocean rap verse?”

3. I. Flight of the Navigator – Childish Gambino 

“This song was literally a soundtrack in my life. But I believe the most important thing I picked from this song is that no matter who you lose, be it death or love, they’re always with you if you believe so.


4. Young and Reckless – Jaden Smith

“Nah, I just like this song for how wild Jaden was in 2014.”

5. Be Yourself – Trippie Redd 

“I cannot go a day without listening to some Trippie. As the name implies, be yourself, don’t follow anyone.”

6. Consensual Seduction – Mick Jenkins

“In my opinion, Mick Jenkins is the most articulate rapper I know. And he proved it in this song showing how he finds consent “hot” and how it’s ok to express your desires to your partner. Pure vibes.

7. Astrothunder – Travis Scott

“By far the best-produced song I’ve heard in my life!!!!! I just love the construct of this song and I honestly wish I was there to see such a masterpiece.”

8. Gardens –  AYLØ ft Tau Benah & Chris Generalz 

“One of the few Nigerians that is almost perfect to me. From the production to AYLØ ‘s flow on this song, simply amazing”

9. Flowers – Little Simz ft Michael Kiwanuka

“Little Simz being the amazing artist that she is, crafted a song about self-doubt and mortality so beautifully and listening to this song makes me want to get better at my craft”

10. Euphoria (Outro) – Begho

“Had to sneak this in (lol). But honestly, this is the realest song I ever put out. It took me a whole year to write and it touched every aspect of my life from before 2018. From talking about my dad(rest his soul) to trying to be a better son for my mum, my fears, the friends I made that kept me chasing my music aspirations and my past relationship. I hope my peers can truly understand.”

“I hope this gives an insight into the kind of artist you perceive me to be.” – Begho

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Danie Rayn
Danie Rayn