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Bolg Reads a Letter to a Lover on “Jejely”

For the inattentive, “Jejely” by Bolg might pass for a decent riff on a familiar sub-genre of Afrobeat songs and nothing more. But for the patient and observant; Afropop distilled to its very essence, experimented upon, re-packaged and delivered in under three captivating minutes that go by way too fast.

“I’m an Afropop and fusion artist but I don’t like being limited to a particular sound. I like to experiment with new sounds.” Bolg said speaking to RADR about his new release. “Experiment” is an apt verb to describe the blend of the flutes lurking in the background of the chorus with the drums and his vocals. A reassuring presence reverberating across the entire track but still resting beautifully in the mix.

Jejely by Bolg Cover Art
Jejely by Bolg

Calm and humble throughout the song, he doesn’t come off braggy but vulnerable so as to also express his fear of infidelity and dishonesty. We have pleas instead of admonishments. “The song is more or less like a letter to a lover. A kind of love in its early stages in which I’m also asking for the same type of energy.”

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Danie Rayn
Danie Rayn