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Colour: Juls’ Production Masterclass and 5 Shiny Moments

Colour is the third project by UK Ghanaian producer, Juls. Juls is one of the finest producers to emerge during the ongoing renaissance of music out of Africa, and on Colour he channels all his music influences to churn instrumentations that serves as great canvases for the illustrious guests he invites to deliver verses on his beats. 

The impressive thing about the tape is the fact that when you listen, you can tell that this is a producer’s project, despite Juls recruiting some of the finest artistes around the world to jump on his beats. Juls puts on a dynamic display that highlights his versatility and skill in creating sounds.

Here are some of the shiny moments from Colour 

Nyafu Riddim (feat. Worlasi)

The song opens up the tape on a celebratory note. Worlasi’s singing on Juls’ sunny production urges you to move your body. Nyafu Riddim feels like a festival happening in your ears while you listen. 

Sweetie Odo (feat. Sway Clarke)

Everything about the production of this song instantly reminds me of Robin Thicke’s music. Sweetie Odo is soulful music, and vocalist, Sway Clarke’s falsetto beguiles you. Sweetie Odo is red wine music. 

Like Tu Danz (with Kida Kudz, Ms Banks & Pa Salieu)

Ms.Banks is effortlessly seductive on the first verse to this song “..i can be your gyal for the night, thick hips, thick lips and you know the pum tight”. Kida Kudz brings his mellow vibe with his jiggy delivery on a catchy hook. 


Normal (feat. Kojey Radical)

Juls throws in one for the hip-hop brothers and sisters. The hook of this song is fierce, Kodey Radical is fluid on a thumping beat as you hear his vocals pound on the instrumental with razor sharp precision. The ease with which Kojey Radical jumps on Normal shows killing beats comes normal to the rapper. A favorite!

Angelina (feat. Falz & Oxlade)

It feels like Oxlade can do no wrong at the moment. Since he delightfully took the hook on Blaqbonez‘ Mamiwota, his stock has risen and this feature with Falz on this album shows why. His voice is unique and ethereal as he drops sweet-sounding wails over a punjabi-esque production. Falz drops a verse with his trademark wit, he quips “..cos babes don dey mark us like Rashford”, and the trio score a hit on this one!

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