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Ebisan’s “For Love, For Freedom” Rhythmically Expresses Loving, Losing, and Regaining Freedom

If you’re a fan of Asa, then Ebisan‘s music is worth tapping into. Singer, songwriter and composer, Ebisan renders beautiful, and soulful songs on her 6 track EP, ‘For Love, For Freedom’.  The project infers from Ebisan’s personal experiences to address scenarios that most people who have loved, lost, and gained can resonate with.

“For Love, For Freedom” begins with the subtle and sweet self-love song “So Beautiful,” then continues to “Still” which is about the selflessness of true love. The lead single “Complete” takes on a more upbeat approach, the kind of music calm enough to wake up to and giddy enough to dance to in the car, at work, and just about anywhere.

“Loyal” continues in the spirit of pop, and “Heal” references breathing and mindfulness, grounding oneself in order to be spiritually elevated. Lastly, on “Out of This Madness” Ebisan channels the emotions which accompany finding freedom from a toxic situation that was once filled with love.

Ebisan recently returned from a hiatus, and the ups and downs she experienced during that break period, brought her to another level of artistic awakening, and she concisely channelled these emotions into a smooth 6 track EP. Ebisan inspires with her musical blend of pop, soul, and other genres reminiscent of many eras.

Listen to For Love, For Freedom HERE

Lammy Ademeso
Lammy Ademeso
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