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On Stand By Me, Ijekimora welcomes her listeners to a new dawn. Metaphorically and sonically, the songstress returns with a soothing and infectious Afrobeats ballad. Kimora’s new cut is a hustler’s anthem and a winner’s serenade. With Seyi Vibez in tow, Stand By Me is a relatable victory lap for anyone who has overcome hardships. It is also a celebration of success and the strength we draw from those who are truly in our corner. 

Opening the song with her silky smooth vocals, on a soundscape created by Dunnie, Ijekimora lays down the marker with an introspective first verse. She alludes to the loneliness of a hustler’s journey. She sings; ‘When the road is narrow /When this life don knock me down / And my pocket shallow / Will you stand by me?”.

In a realistic upside, however, she goes on to bemoan people’s forgetfulness. How it is easy to celebrate with successful people rather than help them on their way to the top. 

Seyi Vibez brought his famed lyrical element to play on the song’s closing verb. Drawing from his array of street bars and inflections, he injects his unique sonic authenticity while riding the song’s mid-tempo wave. But even before his swaggering entrance, Ijekimora had already made her point- only those that stand with you in the hard times deserve the dividends of the good time. 

“I am determined to win. I am never one to give up. On this song, I want to inspire people who feel they’re standing alone that there is a win waiting just around the corner” Ijekimora comments.

After a short hiatus, Ijekimora is back! With the promise of more and a new EP on the horizon, she is ready for her moment in the sun. 

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Chioma Mmeje
Chioma Mmeje