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Inart and Lil5ive Intensify Afro Swing’s surge in new single ‘problems’

‘Problems’ is the next +234 Afro Swing Banger

As the year comes to an end, music artists across the continent churn out tunes to steer their fans and listeners into the festive season and close the year with songs that set the mood for another successful run in the coming year. Nigerian music artists Inart and Lil5ive collaborate on an Afro Swing record titled ‘Problems‘ that describes 2021 for most Nigerians and serves as a tune to showcase the duo as burgeoning acts.

Following a successful run in 2021 with the release of two stellar projects respectively, Inart and Lil5ive connect to create a dynamic duo with a sublime synergy that is a bit fresh and novel to the Nigerian music scene. Both artists are heavy representatives of the Afro-fusion sub-genre and constantly seek to dol out exciting tunes that reflect the state of mind of their peers. From the feedback thus far, Inart and Lil5ive look to have created a monster street anthem with a firm witness from the reaction gotten from a stacked crowd response and energy shown at the duos just-concluded music festival – DIGI WORLD FEST. A bold move to premiere Problems with a performance at the music festival had listeners and fans of the duo in high spirits.

The 3-minute monster anthem is a club anthem packed with dynamic jiggy flows that are not short on lyrical content as the two southern rising stars tell a story of their woes while reflecting on the way of life popular in the region they represent. Over a tad dramatic instrumental, Inart and Lil5ive take turns in delivering outstanding vocals.

Inart and Lil5ive Problems

The Movie-themed beat, Backed by a heavy baseline that enthuses dance and groove inspires the second part of the hook from Inart, “so I tell her to say, whyne to the rhythm and baseline, whyne to the rhythm and baseline, say I come alive in the night time”. The complementary lyrics from Lil5ive, “Man I say the problem, problem, problems, Man I never run, Never fold, Man I solve them’, urges listeners to steer up the courage to withstand every challenge and fight through it. Problems is yet another masterpiece added to the fast-rising Afro Swing scene in the 234 (Nigeria) since Ruger’s massive success with Bounce.

The stellar production and instrumentation that gives Problems its groove is yet another Daniel Bliss beat, coming off of both Lil5ive’s and Inart’s debut EPs, as well as one of the biggest Hip-Hop songs from Nigeria this year, My Crew by Kiwi and Lil5ive. Inart and Lil5ive end the year on a clear and relatable note with this new release.

Listen to ‘Problems’ here.

Arshavin Ephraim
Arshavin Ephraim
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